Susters4Life in Proud Partnership with Brenda Veldtman

As an NGO committed to uplifting and supporting the most vulnerable people in our community, the Susters4Life team is excited to announce our involvement in a project that will raise funds and donations for those who need them most.

The Front Steps Project is a creative photography project that first started in Massachusetts in March 2020, eventually spreading across the country and now, the globe. Hundreds of photographers have been taking pictures of local families on the front steps of their homes during lockdown and quarantine, putting a COVID-era spin on the traditional family portrait. Through this project, photographers have raised much-needed funds for local NGOs, food pantries, hospitals and animal shelters.

Local photographer Brenda Veldtman has recently joined The Front Steps Project, and Susters4Life is proud to be partnering with her.

Brenda is photographing South African families at their front doors, creating meaningful reminders of these strange and challenging times our communities have been facing during lockdown. Brenda makes sure that all photography is done while wearing a protective mask and adhering to social distancing rules.

Brenda is asking for donations to local charities: House of Thembiso, a place of safety for babies. Donations such as tinned food, baby formula, grocery vouchers, electricity credits and hygiene products are all welcome.

Susters4Life will be helping Brenda with her efforts, by providing donations of locally-produced fabric face masks and food parcels.

For more information, contact Susters4Life or get in touch with Brenda directly, at 083 417 8374.

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