Susters4Life started by undertaking small projects around our community that were funded from our own pockets. Read more
As Nelson Mandela Month begins, we reflect on the values this phenomenal leader stood for and implemented in his life. Read more
Susters4Life is celebrating Pride Month! Read more
June is the month we dedicate to uplifting and supporting the youth, for the future of South Africa is in Read more
A woman has her period every 21 - 35 days. Read more
Proper menstrual hygiene is essential for women’s health as it can lower their risk of contracting infections, eczema and even Read more
Susters 4 Life started when four sisters got together with the intention to accomplish great things. Read more
Today, we reflect on how far we’ve come since this monumental day in 1976. Read more
Ferial Haffajee is a fierce female who has helped shape South Africa into the democratic country it is today. Read more
Women occupy many roles - we’re daughters, mothers, educators, partners and workers. Read more

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