Susters4Life Launches Women’s Month 2018 Programme

Wednesday 1st August marked the start of Women’s Month, and the Susters4Life team is shining the spotlight on women’s wellbeing in at-risk communities.
Our journey with the wonderful ladies of Worcester House of Hope formally began with a Workshop for Women. We were truly fortunate to be guided by therapist and motivational speaker Claudia Roodt, who facilitated.

This was the first in a series of planned workshops with Claudia. The aim is to help women who have suffered and survived abuse. It was a truly moving experience; many women shared their painful stories with us, most of them never having received any sort of trauma counselling before.

Women’s Stories, Women’s Empowerment

Claudia encouraged workshop participants to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Where does your story begin?
  • Who influenced your story?
  • Who is writing your story?
  • What are the words you use to write your story?
  • Who is important in your story?
  • Who determines your identity?
  • Do you own your story?

When a woman is able to regain control of her narrative, she can take back her power and begin the journey towards healing from the effects of trauma and abuse.

Claudia Roodt’s Vision for Healing

Claudia Roodt is a motivational speaker, trauma informed workshop facilitator and therapist.
“True healing from trauma can only happen in the context of relationships, and safe relationships.” – Claudia Roodt

Claudia hails from Citrusdal in the Western Cape. She qualified as a social worker and went on to work in a variety of settings, including the SANDF, Cape Town Child Welfare Society and Pollsmoor Prison. She spent nine years managing a Child and Youth Care Centre for Abused Girls, and later became the programme director at Anex (Activists networking against the exploitation of children).

Today, Claudia has her own private practice which focuses on helping people (especially women) to heal from trauma and abuse.

After several years of extensive research on trauma and its effects, Claudia developed her own trauma informed training manual, to help therapists and educators understand and assist those affected by abuse and other traumatic experiences.
Susters4Life is very privileged to have Claudia on board, and we trust that this will be the first of many workshops to be held in Worcester. Bookings for Claudia Roodt Consulting can be made via her website.

Working with Worcester House of Hope

The Worcester House of Hope (WHOH) was established in June 2003 by founder Sonja du Toit. Sonja’s mission is to provide women and children with a safe environment where they can process and recover from traumatic experiences.
The WHOH provides an internal programme for residents, which includes short-term accommodation and meals, counselling, life coaching and life skills training. These services also extend to the residents’ families and communities, helping to promote healthier relationships and reintegration. The house can accommodate up to 10 individuals at a time.

The external programme involves training and motivational talks at schools and other service organisations, conducted by the WHOH social worker and social auxiliary worker.

Susters4Life has had a long and beneficial relationship with the Worcester House of Hope, and we’re delighted to see this relationship go from strength to strength. We have booked Claudia for another workshop session on 31st August, again working with the WHOH.

This was a powerful and rewarding start to Women’s Month 2018, and we look forward to what’s in store for the rest of August.

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