Celebrating Women’s Month 2019 in Laingsburg

Women’s Month 2019 was extra-special because it coincided with a historic anniversary. This is the 65-year anniversary of the Founding Conference of the Federation of South African Women, which was adopted the 1954 Women’s Charter. This year also sees South Africa enter its 25th year of democracy, a true milestone for our beautiful country.

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day campaign was “What Women Want”, with a focus on identifying the complex issues affecting today’s women of all races and ages.

This year, Suster4Life wanted to pay tribute to our sisters of years gone by – to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956, in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women.

We spent the morning with the women from our home town, Laingsburg, while also celebrating the 86th birthday of the matriarch in our family, our grandmother. An undertaking was made during the event that Susters4life will start a suster’s sewing circle in Laingsburg. The municipality committed to provide the sewing machines and premises. We look forward to enriching the lives of local women with these valuable lessons!

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