FAMSA Training to Start in February

During our 16 Days of Activism campaign in December (16 Days, 16 Towns, 4 Susters), we travelled around impoverished towns in the Western Cape and met with the communities there, to uncover the challenges they are facing. After wrapping up the campaign, we realised that we needed to equip ourselves to help manage the deep trauma that affects the women and children we work with.

This week, we’re excited to announce that the Susters4Life team will be starting their Counselling Training with the Family And Marriage Society of South Africa (FAMSA). The Susters will attend a number of workshops with FAMSA over the coming year, and will complete the training as qualified trauma counsellors. The aim is to empower ourselves to help more women and children in more effective ways.


FAMSA’s mission is to foster healthy, functional family relationships, as the cornerstone of a healthy society. They provide counselling for marriage, divorce, bereavement, trauma and domestic violence, as well as mediation services and community outreach programmes. Those looking to train as counsellors can also do so through FAMSA.

We look forward to the new skill set this training will bring to our team, and the ways it will help us to provide better support to the vulnerable people we work with.

Welcome our New Suster

We also took a decision to bring on board an auxiliary worker to the Susters4Life team. We’d like to welcome welcome Jaya Nicole Balie to the family, and we know she will be an asset to our NGO.

Jaya will be working under the guidance of Claudia Roodt, until she completes her degree and qualifies as a social worker. Claudia is a motivational speaker, trauma informed workshop facilitator and therapist, with more that 30 years of experience. We trust she will provide Jaya with expert guidance and mentorship.

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  • Dorah Kedibone Mehlwane
    July 29, 2021

    I’m interested in helping people psychologically and emotionally,and so i would like to develop myself.

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